What would it be like if money could stick like bubblegum - and more was always coming your way?  Wouldn't that be great?  And you'd never run out of it!  ... So here's what I'll introduce so you can safely, freely, explore further in this website or my books, and Read more

March 2019 SWM Letter – For a Healthier World

You may recall a Grinch stole the year-end rally.  That was all over the news.  Media have since turned their attention to other things including a tragic house fire in Halifax, our federal government twisting on matters of SNC Lavalin, and another crash of a Boeing 737.  Good news isn’t the forte of...
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February 2019 SWM Letter

Temperatures have shifted 30 degrees (upward in Ontario, downward in Alberta). Some things in life can move that fast. Same with the growth of investment accounts since January 1st, many up 4% to 5%. The worst December in 88 years has been followed with the best January in 30 years, already recovering...
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January 2019 Sovereign Wealth Letter

Many are glad seeing 2018 has passed.  For investments everywhere the year was a roller coaster.  On the other hand it offered unique advantages, so let me explain.  Our clients for the most part are either saving today to build future wealth, or they’re withdrawing savings for retirement income.  In young and...
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December 2018 SWM Letter; RDSP Disability Planning

As Canada Post awaits arbitration we've skipped cards this season to donate in two ways that will truly brighten the season:  a food bank/nutrition-training program and a student stress kit to ease the blues that can accompany holidays and winter exams.   Perhaps we'll get a "new year" card out but Read more


Queen Elizabeth II medal (1992) for service to community

Awarded on Parliament Hill 1992 for service to represent combined interests of business, faith groups, education, and non-profit sector in the battle against child poverty.

Million Dollar Round Table Member

Million Dollar Round Table represents a top level of insurance- and financial-advisors among near 90 nations world-wide, fostering highest levels of professional commitment and morality, lifelong study, mentorship and collegiality.

Community Involvement

Brian is enthusiastically active among charities, community foundations, and faith groups to enrich human development and potential for children in need, families in transition, and seniors in solitude.