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I welcome you as a professional colleague in accounting, law, or financial service.  Like you I help people face significant wealth events in their lives.  Such could arise from sale or transition of a business, a looming pension decision, or other events such as a significant inheritance or major winnings.  I'm sure you agree, we want to ensure our clients can manage such transitions of wealth and life so they can enjoy the life they want.

We are all aware of risks that threaten our clients.  Among these are limited time and even their possible confusion of how to move forward successfully into the future.  There's also fear of poor or fraudulent advice.  Add in the fact that many have only limited awareness of inflationary risks, burn-rate of assets, and how professional planning can safeguard income, reduce tax, and protect a desired estate.  Such risks demand a stewardship of care and competence to overcome such risks and serve our clients highest wellbeing.

Your registration here will give you full access to all modules of this website.  I'm sharing this because I have an enormous passion to serve others, far beyond what I can do from one human body and our limitations of 24 hours a day.  I invite you to share this site with your clients:  you can print one copy of the PDFs for yourself ...and invite your client to print the PDFs for themselves, engage and write their responses to the questions that end each modules, and then bring those pages into their discussion and meetings with you.   This respects my rights as author of this material, and also respects your rights as trusted advisor for your clients.  If I can be further resource to assist you, do reach me.

Please do me a favour:  let me know how you benefit from this site, and also your suggestions for improvement.  My most sincere thanks to you!   ...Oh and be sure to note your password: sorry it cannot be changed.

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