About Brian Weatherdon, MA, CFP, CLU, CPCA, CRC

We can achieve greater success by helping each other than by seeking only to help ourselves!  This website explores what this can mean for us as individuals, as families, in business, and in our wider communities.

Brian WeatherdonAs a Certified Financial Advisor.

There was a time when I knew embarrassingly little about money.  In 1987 I was a minister in Nova Scotia, attending a gym with a friend who would check his stock reports in the newspaper to learn if he was comfortable buying lunch that day.  It intrigued me and set me on a vast inquiry of money:  how wealth works, what happens when illness or death hits a young family, why an 83 year old could die of stress from running out of money;  also government process, the impact of multi-national corporations, etc.  My curiosity grew and I borrowed books widely by inter-library loan (no Google back then).  That is what started my passion to help create financial security for families, individuals, and whole communities.

An example occurred (before I entered financial services in 1995) when I visited a gentleman 72 years of age.  As I entered the home he mentioned having 32 months to live.  I was confused how he would know this.  He replied, “You saw the for-sale sign on the front lawn. When the house sells I’ll move into the lodge with my wife.  In 32 months we’ll have to die because the money will be gone!”

Such experience weighed on my heart.  As a pastor in various communities since 1979 I had often found that our financial world was not solving the urgent problems that arise in peoples' lives.  I wanted to learn how we could protect families, provide financial security for seniors, and ensure people would have resources to enjoy life as long as they live.  This became an absolute passion that continues driving me to protect people’s Income for Life.

Vision / Mission

My financial career started in 1995 with life and health insurance because, it brings people money when they need it most!”  This vision has evolved with ongoing studies and experience.  I came to see that there were successful investment principles that had protected families in the 1920s and 1930s ...that were no longer 'popular' but could remain successful.  I found ways to sustain dividend and other strategic sources of income (as you'll find here in this site) to cushion and protect you from the ravages of inflation and taxes.  By 2002 I had a process of Visioning to identify the Life people want to enjoy.  Along the way I've learned how we can align your wealth and resources to support your desired lifestyle (and of course your eventual estate).

My vision and my passion is to help people express what they want to experience and enjoy in life (and for their family estate) and strategically align their wealth to achieve and assure such vital personal goals.

Process and Philosophy

There are two ways to describe my process and philosophy.  One is a formalized process, how I describe my work to another professional.  The other is more experiential, how clients have described the results we have created in working together.


The formal side begins with a vigorous four-point process that our firm follows for all financial planning.

  1. Discovery of who you are, and the needs, gaps, and resources you bring so we can be entirely clear on the financial security you seek for your life-income and ultimate estate.
  2. Creative Solutions we develop to address all aspects of your income- and planning needs today and for the future, personally and in business, so we can move forward with total confidence.
  3. Implementation of a professional financial plan, including collaboration with your legal, tax, and accounting advisors as needed, in order to provide and secure results that withstand the tests of time.
  4. Results Management with continuing assessment and improvement so we can provide stability for your life, income and estate goals.

Another way of describing my practice arose through discussions with my existing clients and their accountants who helped shape the following which we may call Lifestyles and Dreams:

Choose your Dreams is a process to understand your personal values around wealth and life. This leads us into a vision of the lifestyle you want to enjoy so we can align all resources of pension, business, etc to support the life you want.

Capture your Dreams is where we implement financial strategies to insure or avoid unwanted risks, and sustain wealth and income through wise investment in keeping with your personal profile and ongoing comfort.

Cherish your Dreams is a process of establishing your Certified Financial Plan and continually monitoring the results to keep your plan on track, adjusting as needed when events in life, family or wider world may impact your plan.

Create Bigger Dreams suggests people can "live larger" and consider family legacies and ultimate philanthropy.  Creating bigger dreams is about YOU and what you can do for loved ones and wider community.

Ultimately this has a unique feel to it.  It rises from your personal values and how you envision the future for you and your loved ones.  It then brings our financial service to secure life events, stages and horizons that will come with time.


In this site you find people who endorse me in various ways.  Google and Linkedin offer further insights.  I value privacy, so an endorsement does not mean someone is my client but they have known me or my work well enough to add their testimony to the value I present.  An endorsement on this site may be anyone - even another advisor - who has enjoyed using this website.  If here we can convey a “team” approach, it’s less about me and it can be more about the results!

Our Team

Our Team

1. Your relationship and trust in a professional advisor is central and foremost.  If you're my client, "you and I" are the central team and planning group for your financial security.  With us too are any other advisors and family whom you normally include in your planning.  So aligned, this is your executive team....or your Stewardship Team.

2. Internal team for my clients will include our staff for insurance and investment administration, resources for tax and estate, and client service support.  Further information can be found is at  www.sovereignwealth.ca.

3. Our external team combines the unparalleled resources of The Great West Life Assurance Company and London Life Insurance Company and a wide range of financial firms.  The value of this is clear when the world seems destined to fall off a cliff, and I have the immediate research of 19 firms from which I can summarize the essence of what their combined research means for my clients.  When in such times the media would inflame the public with fear and confusion, the value of our external team proves absolutely invaluable.

Protecting your wealth.

How valuable is it to know how we protect your money and your plans even in case of my death or disability, or anything with our firm?  You surely want to know, are investments still safe?  Will financial plans remain on course?  We're in a very fortunate position to answer such questions in the following way:

(a)  In event of my death, Whitney Hammond as principal of our firm will buy my business per our legal agreements funded by life insurance, ensuring continued excellence and care of clients’ planning.  (b)  My illness or disability would similarly trigger insured funding to support our continued care and guidance for our clients.  (c)  If anything financially compromised me or anyone in our firm, client monies remain secure because we purposely never handle client monies and have no cause or opportunity for fraud or misappropriation of funds.  (d)  If our firm would ever change course in some way, my own role can continue in the planning capacity we have today ...and your wealth would continue invested in the assets of your portfolio.  (e)  If something happened (for instance) to any of the firms we use for allocation in a portfolio (let’s say such firms merged or such event occurred) another firm would generally buy that interest so a succeeding name would honour their part in your ongoing investments.  (f)  And finally, our firm and each advisor subscribe as members to the professional standards of Advocis, also are regulated by the Financial Standards Planning Council, and guard the international ethical standards and practices of MDRT.  I cannot find a higher level of security to safeguard wealth, and guide individuals and families confidently to their desired future.